Intolerance ‘increasingly widespread’ in Indonesian

Intolerance has been infiltrated into the society, including the bureaucracy, said the Presidential office staffer, Jaleswari Pramodhawardani, who makes this conclusion based on intelligence data in the area.

Pramordhawardani revealed that intelligence discover there are civil servants who joined intolerance group, against Pancasila and try to build caliphate or Islamic state.

“Even some civil servants participated in demonstration with the hardline Islamic group and got punishment from their boss, but it is only small group, “She said at Discussion on Religious Freedom, Takfiri Movement and Deradicalization in Jakarta, on Monday (22/02).

She added that government bureaucracy is not sterile from  fundamentalism values and it cannot be controlled.

When she asked about the Mayor in Bogor who attended some event organized by Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI), Pramordhawardani said that those situations are not happened in all region.

But, according to her, a leader who represents the state should not cooperate and compromise with intolerance group.

About the impression that the state let intolerant groups to take intimidating and violence action against other groups, Pramodhawardani said tha the central government and President Jokowi refuse any kind of intolerance, as in Nawacita program.

However, in the field, some of them understand it differently including the police.

“We have different mindset in interpreting the president’s command because we have different knowledge and experience. Therefore in the implementation process a detail instruction and explanation is needed to avoid distortion,” she said.

Pramordhawardani said that intolerance issue is one of priority in Jokowi  administration. It solution should be founded immediately.

Legal Approach

In the discussion which organized by International Center for islam and Pluralism, The Union of Journalists for Diversity (Serikat Jurnalis untuk Keberagaman-SEJUK) and Canada Embassy, discover intolerance cases is also the result of exlucivity of some groups, including the one who easily accuses other Muslims as infidels or Takfiri.

Abdul Mu’ti, the general secretary of PP Muhammadiyah said that the government should not be silent and have to enforce the law. Takfiri movement has caused Ahmadiyya and Shia community persecuted from their home. They deserve the constitutional right to practice their faith.

In legal approach, according to Abdul Mu’ti, takfiri can be classify as hate speech. Therefore the government should overcome the problem by law not politics or theology.

Wahabi Movements

PBNU leader, Said Agil Siraj said that radical group, some of them are Wahabi, came to Indonesia since the Dutch colonial time, spreaded from 1980’s and get stronger after reformation. He said that Wahabi is not the terrorist but it may lead to terrorism.

Said Agil cited three students of Islamic boarding school in Cirebon who believe in Wahabism become suicide bombers in each place: Cirebon Police Office mosque; the bomb at the JW Marriot; and Bethel Church in Solo.

Source: BBC Indonesia

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